Monday, May 15, 2006

Like what you see?

Hi there!
This is only a blog that I use to test my templates for Blogger :)
If you're interested you can find all my works *free templates for Blogger, Motime, Splinder, Bloxster, Myhomepage, BlogLegion and other goodies* on my website :

Hope to see you there soon ;)
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test comment
one more test
  At 8:08 PM Blogger Nicolo' said:
onother test ;)
  At 8:21 AM Blogger Nad said:
great looking; handsome and beautiful!
  At 4:01 PM Blogger dadada said:
  At 4:48 PM Blogger teillu said:
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  At 6:04 AM Blogger Paul said:
hi cristina.. i like this template but it doesnt seem to work with blogger beta.. can you please help me.
  At 8:43 AM Blogger sharianty said:
love this template... thx i'm using it...
HI I found this template by

Who made it in the first place.

Like your changes, going to use your version, it's more lady-like ;-)
ChliiTierChnübler : wow! I didn't even know that we used the same image! (to be honest I didn't know who Isnaini is either -_- thanks for telling me!)
  At 1:25 PM Blogger SL said:
Ciao Cristina !
Love your templates ... thanks for your beautiful work.
I wish you the best in your life.
  At 3:13 PM Blogger indianala said:
Bellisimo template Cristina! BEso.
  At 10:53 PM Blogger t said:
love the template and I am currently attempting to use it on my blog but Im having some type of html problem i think. on my first post Im getting a huge break between the title of the post and the body of the post. if you have any suggestions on how to fix, please let me know!

thanks again
  At 4:17 AM Blogger Nad said:
this is a beauty. full stop.
  At 8:55 PM Blogger David said:
I have he same probl that teresa... can you help me???
Maybe with green color and more delicate :) I like the pixar one,the cherries and the robot,but this one I think the big image of the robot is too much :) I like your templates..
  At 2:23 AM Blogger katar said:
i am having the same problem as teresa and vitamin. please help! thx.
  At 3:16 AM Blogger Unknown said:
Wish I'd come here for Christmas!!! Love it lots!
  At 12:50 PM Blogger Kartik said:
Your site is simply amazing!!!!What a great collection of templates.Really it is very commendable.Great job done!!!

Usually i dont comment on blogs.
But your collection of templates is truly awesome.I couldnt resist appreciating your work.I am always on the lookout for new templates.And believe me you have one of the best collections on the web.Even though certain sites like and are very famous,but their templates dont have a soul.
I found a soul in your work.Truly, the work of a great artist.I would like to hear from you,if you are free sometime.My email id is

And i hope you would become a great architect.
God Bless and take care.
  At 6:18 PM Blogger macolia said:
I agree, great template, i´m using it too.
  At 9:02 PM Blogger Jano D. said:
thanx for your awesome work!!! :) seriosully your site as the best collection of templates I ever know...i'm using this template and I have kinda the same problem as teresa and vitamin... why?? would you help me?

regards :)
please help me!!!!!!
i chage a little your template and my first post isn't normal and i don't know how to fiz it! please help me!!!!! thank
i see that isnt just me that have the same problem.
please check it out!
i love this template but it hates me see the great break from titlle to the first post! i hate this blank place!
thanks !!!
  At 3:40 AM Blogger stessa said:
Im having the same problem as Teresa, Vitamin, Patrick and Lili... we would be even more grateful if you help us :P

by the way, your templates are the best best of all!!!! :)
contratulations and thanks for sharing them! :D
  At 9:19 AM Blogger xxx said:
xypotecka here - i love all your work. creative and neat. i wish you make lots for multiply!!!
if you experience visualization problems with this template (the first post falls down at the bottom) go in Settings -> Formatting -> and change the value of Enable Float.

  At 6:41 AM Blogger Nirmal T V said:
Hi, your templates are too gud. I have a doubt, when i removed the Navigation bar of blogger from top there seems to be a lot of white space on the top of header? How do I remove that one?
If you remove the navbar and you need to fix the empty space at the top just go in the css code and find this voice :
and change the first value of margin (which is usually set on 40/35px)

  At 6:29 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
I cannot get the template to work. It keeps saying I have an HTMLXML error... HELP
these templates ARE NOT MADE for Blogger Beta.
But if you want to use them on it just read here.
  At 4:57 PM Blogger GFAD said:
Fabulous templates, you have. Thanks for sharing and allowing us to use them. I'm using the #53.Skiing and I love it very much!
This comment has been removed by the author.

I've used your template and modified it. I hope you don't mind. It's still your credit about the design and his/her credit about the picture above.

Thank you.
  At 4:32 PM Blogger sergio said:
Please visit
Thanks !!
  At 11:13 AM Blogger Don Dino said:
I'm currently using your #50 blogger template. neat design.
  At 2:36 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
To all those having problems with the huge space between post title and body, try this:

Go to settings >> Formatting >> turn 'off' float alignment.

Then go to 'comments' and 'hide' backlinks
  At 8:17 PM Blogger jaycee said:
hi there, I hope this comment reaches you. I really do hope.

Anyway, I've been using your rotterdam template and all of a sudden all the images doesn't load. And when I check your site it's down. I'm hoping you could provide me with new set of links to it so that I can upload it somewhere else.

  At 9:00 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
  At 11:51 AM Blogger LEO said:
hi, i going to use abstract thoughts template for blogspot. but after inserting of code is appearing "cannot save template". what can i do?